Thursday, 28 December 2017

How to cut circle skirt | How to sew circle skirt | How to cut and sew flay skirt

Sewing a circle skirt is one of the simplest skirts in dress making...  If you want to achieve a sweet circle skirt keep reading this post.... 

You only need :
  • Fabrics 
  • Sewing machine 
  • Zip
  • Thread... 
Measurements: You only need the measurements of the WAIST and the FULL LENGHT....


Method one:::
  1. Fold your material into two, make sure it's only one side that is open. 
  2. In the closed part, mark the waist length divided by two.... 
  3. Mark the divided in the centre of the folded fabrics, from the 0 inch length draw a round arc to the point of the full lenght.. 
  4. From the arc, get the full length and draw a bigger arc
Method two:::

Fold the fabrics into eight piece

After folding your fabrics in a right angled triangle shape, then you mark the waist divided by 8 inches because the fabrics was folded into eight piece.... 

 Get the length, then mark it exactly like that Image above, mark it round then cut..
  You will get a result like this:

  If you open it, it will look like this:
Then, cut one closed part of the fabrics with a pair of scissors and cut the skirt band (4 inches width and the length of the waist as the length of the band)..
Check the image below :

This is how to cut a circle skirt...

 How To Sew Circle Skirt:

  • Use the band to turn the waist of the skirt.  Using a sewing machine to seam in together.. Sew one part at the front first, then turn it and sewthe back part side.... 
  • From that part you cut using a scissors, leave seven inches up... And stitch the remaining part down... 
  • Use a desired legth of zip... And sew the zip in the seven inches you left initially... 
  • Use a bias or trimming lace of the same colour with the fabrics and use it to turn in the tip of the skirt using a sewing machine... 
  • Use a steam iron to straighten the newly made circle skirt 
  • You can use a crop top to rock the skirt or a body hug top to rock the skirt.... 🎊 
Thanks for reading this post.. 
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