Sunday, 29 July 2018

Is NNU real or fake | Nigeria News Update (NNU)

I'm here to tell you that NNU is super real.... It only cost ₦1600 and that's all...

Sacrifice little for a bigger reward....  Life is about sacrifice you know....

There are four ways to earn on NNU

Use this link to join it's ₦1600

NUMBER ONE : LOG IN DAILY   When you log in to your account anytime of the day, you get ₦50 this is once in a day.  Lets say you log in every day of the month

 ₦50 X 28=₦1400

This is just 1min log in😋

There are thousands of post on the site, you are permitted to comment just once per post. For doing this you get ₦2 This is unlimited, you comment on as many post as you can.  Lets say you make 50 comments per day.

₦100 X 28 = ₦2800

This is at your leisure.


 Everyday, a post is release tagged sponsored post, when you share this post on your facebook timeline. There are instructions to do this, you get ₦100, this post is just one per day. For one month,

₦100 X 28 = ₦2800

This is just less than five mins online😍

 You can introduce your friend to it and you get ₦1000 There is no limit to the number of people you can bring. Lets say you bring in onr person per day.

₦1000 X 28 = ₦28000


Lets add together...

₦28000 + ₦2800 + ₦2800 + ₦1400 = ₦35000

Just like that.   More than minimum wage.

The idea of the ₦1600

 First, it a teach of investment,  gaining soo much without puting anything in is a sign of irresponsibility. One must be responsible enough to put in something.

Second, putting ₦1600 and earning alot put a sense of how money multiplies through networking. It really worth the pay if one is truly ready to earn

Click to join

This is the most interesting payments are made beginning from 27th of every month

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