Monday, 4 September 2017

best makeup for a wedding day

In the world of Fashion, makeup is the number one face enhancement that alters the face appearance. In the world of Makeup, we continue to see marvellous and creative ideas brought up by artists around the globe.

These are the different makeovers suggested for a wedding
wedding makeup

wedding makeup

The way one looks tends to show the kind of occasion or event you want to attend. One tends to wear a light makeup or a heavy makeup to an event or occasion depending on the way and structure of the face and neck.

A light makeup is a good suggestion for a wedding; because heavy makeup is time consuming and makes your face look too busy, and a bride won't want that, so a LIGHT MAKEOVER is the Best.

For a WEDDING MAKEOVER its Okay to add a LIGHT POWDER, SMOKEY EYE, LIGHT LIPSTICK and blending EYESHADOW.Actually wedding makeovers depends on the face of the bride

A lady with a little skin; a little lipstick, it can be Pink (suggestable) or peach because its blends with the skin colour. A blending powder is preferable. Smokey eye is okay and it brings out the beauty and shape of the eye, the groom can look into the eye of his bride and see the beauty. Its so romantic.

A lady with a dark skin; A skin matching powder,  a lip gloss is preferred of  a purple lipstick. Smokey eye can be optional but a long eyelashes are preferable.

An extremely good Makeovers for wedding makes the bride feel loved, different from the crowd and above all beautiful.

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  1. I’ve had a couple of events at this location. The only thing that would have made these wedding venues guys better would have been better communication in the earlier planning stages, but it all worked out great in the end.