Sunday, 1 October 2017

Cutting 5 Simple neck in 5 steps

After reading this post, you will be able to identify and cut any neck pattern. Just go through this post, its not too lengthy but after reading it, you can easily cut any neck pattern.
   I will be teaching the 5 common neck patterns which are Scoop neck, V neck, Split neck, Scallop neck and Sweetheart neck.

How to cut scoop neck pattern :

  1. Fold your material and mark all the desired length and width. 
  2. Get the width and depth of your neck and join it to make a BOX. 
Check the diagram 
                  Round neck

3. Use a round object like the one in the image, but to your desired size. Use the round object to get a marvellous round or scoop neck. 
4. The gap should be 2 inches apart or 1 and half inches apart. 
5. Then you cut. 

How to cut V neck pattern :

Follow the same step one and step two of the scoop neck.
  3. Use a straight thing (example; A Measuring rule) to get a good V neck. Like the diagram above. 
   4. The gap should be equal i.e dividing the box into two with a diagonal line
    5. Then you cut. 

How to cut split neck pattern :

Use the same step one and step two of the scoop neck pattern. 
Split neckline
3. In the case of cutting a split neck, you will use both a round object and a straight object to get a good split. If possible, you could use a compass to get a good round or curve. 
4. The gap should be to your own desire. 
5. Then cut

How to cut Scallop neck pattern:

Use the same step one and step two of the scoop neck.
Scallap neck
3. A scallop neck pattern is a free hand drawing. The slope drawing is to your desire. But i prefer small scallop at the shoulder side and a big scallop at the end part.
4. The gap should be equal like the V neck diagram. 
5. Then cut. 

How to cut sweetheart neck pattern:

The same step one and step two of the scoop neck will be applied here. 
Sharp sweetheart neck

3. There are two types of sweetheart neck pattern, and they are;
  • Sharp sweetheart neck. 
  • Smooth sweetheart neck.
The diagram above is the smooth sweetheart neck pattern. The smooth sweetheart neck is looking like the split neck pattern except that the straight side is curved. The sharp sweetheart neck pattern is in the first picture, so SCROLL UP NOW. 
4. The gap is to your desire. 
5. Then you cut. 

     With this simple explanation, I know that cutting of neck will be simple for you. Don't forget to COMMENT BELOW AND TELL YOUR DESIGNERS AND FRIENDS ABOUT THIS WEBSITE. Follow me up on my social medias. 
Thanks for your time. 

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