Monday, 18 June 2018

Scuba off the shoulder peplum top | flair off shoulder blouse

So this cone scuba peplum top has been a regular subject of discussion, everybody wants to know the easiest way to get the waves without putting crinoline, hard net or gum stay. This is my own version and yes it's so easy to make. 

Material used: 1.5 yards of scuba.

The cone i'm referring to is that below the half lenght.... 
Let's keep going ☺ 

I deducted 4" since its an off shoulder, for the dart, I removed 1.5 at the under bust, 1" at the waist and 1" at the upper part.

This is the back pattern with zipper allowance. Learn how to draft and cut off shoulder blouse by clicking HERE!!!

Divide your waist by the number of cones you want.
For example; your waist measurement is 36" ( I want 12 cones). Then divide 36 by 12 = 3" .

Now to the cone, make a triangular fold and measure what you have at the waist line, then shape out your cone, as wide as you want it.

This is 3 cones places together, I made 12 of this.
Then join together and attach to the upper part.

For the cape, I cut a long fabric looking like bias, using my round shoulder measurement and any length of your choice.

Then sew.
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