Thursday, 17 January 2019

Top 10 Jackets Every Woman Must Own

Now, here is our list of 10 types of jackets and coats every women must own. Considering this your wardrobe will look astonishing. And you will have every type of jacket matching with various tops and trousers, and shine bright in every occasion whether a adventurous travel, party or a business meeting.

Top 10 Types Of Jackets Every Women Must Have In Her Wardrobe :

1. Denim Jackets :
The denim jacket is evergreen and classic for a reason – “it always looks cool”. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a denim jacket with a trouser or skirts or shorts....


2. Broome Leather Jacket:
It a type of leather jacket in which the total length is trimmed.

3. High Waist Jackets:
As the name suggests, these are high waist jacket which make you feel good and sexy about yourself. It can be made of any fabric, whether denim, velvet, satin, leather etc etc.

4. Bomber Jackets:
If you are looking for a jacket which looks good with your gym clothes but still chic to wear on a date night, then opt for bomber jacket. It comes in almost all type of fabric whether velvet, satin and in every shade you can think of.

5. Leather Jackets:
A leather jacket never goes out of style. Wear it while travelling, at metros, at airports, at disc, at office whenever and wherever you want. This easy going stylish outfit is evergreen.

6. Embellished Jackets:
These jackets comes in variety of shapes and sizes and the designing whether embroidery/beads/threads/ etc etc on the fabric is mandatory.

7. Puffer or Parka:
It is a type of jacket which prevents you from cold winds and still doesn’t freeze your glamourous look. Girls looks more trendy and cute when they wear puffer or parka.

8. Sleeveless Jacket:
A jacket with no sleeves. It is stylish and trendy. You can wear it at in-between seasons.

9. Classic Trench:
This knee length long coat is perfectly suitable for unpredictable in between seasons, like end of winter and starting of summer. It makes you look effortless Stylish and glamourous.

10. Coats:
There are many types if coats for women, and you all know what a coat is. Without further adieu, let's know and concentrate on various types.

  • Over coat 
It comes in many styles like victorian, fur neck, double breasted and so on, which includes the lenght of coat.

  • Fuzzy/shearling/ cuddly coat:
This coat have fur or faux-fur or mohair and it makes you look like a star. Moreover, it is the best option to wear in winter season. 

  • Maxi coat:
It is usually long, whether ankle or full length coat. It may or may not come with hood. 

  • Quilted feather coat
Ever watched a football match? Well, this coat is somehow similar to the team coach's coat which is like a sheet of strips of puffy Sponge and a sewn lines... For women, the coat is generally less in length. 

  • Velvet coat:
It's for the style. This coat doesn't Block cold winds much but the vintage look in Different lengths makes it extraordinary classic and eye-catchy.

  • Evening coat:
This coat, you should wear with the best dresses along with pencil skirts or trousers. It may be made up with wool, cashmere or fancy silk. 

  • Rain coat:
The best coat that comes in handy in rainy days. It saves you from getting wet in the rain. It has no such style statement... But you should own it... It's compulsory ☺ 

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